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Benefits of ISO 27001

Internationally Recognized and Accepted

Benefits of ISO 27001

Internationally Recognized and Accepted:
ISO 27001 is the only internationally recognized and accepted certification for information security.

International Standardization of:
1. Sections 4-10 – Information Security Management System Requirements
2. Annex A – control objectives and controls

ISO 27001 Framework:
The ISO 27001 Framework and Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides an umbrella over all information assets. The system manages multiple legal, regulatory and contractual compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, SSAE 16, FISMA, etc.

Reasonable Assurance:
ISO 27001 Certification provides external validation and reasonable assurance to interested parties that risk based controls are in place to protect information assets.

Prioritization and Focus:
The required ISO 27001 Risk Assessment provides a system to calculate risk value (likelihood x impact) allowing an organization to prioritize and focus on controls to mitigate high risk to its information assets.

Cost Benefit / Return on Investment:
ISO 27001 provides informed decisions based on risk and the continuous improvement management cycle. This information allows managers to determine how many people to hire, how much time to spend, cost vs benefit, what tools to purchase, what systems to audit, how much insurance to buy, how to respond to various incidents, etc.

Training and Awareness:
Provides the organization with information security training and awareness for executives, management and employees, which ultimately helps the company meet its control objectives.

Continuous Improvement Cycle:
Provides the organization with a continuous improvement cycle providing the ISMS with control maturity which mitigates risk to information assets.

Sales Differentiator:
Provides early adopters with a prestigious internationally recognized and accepted certification allowing a market and sales differentiator. Provides external clients with reasonable assurance.

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