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ISO 27001 Toolkit (Implementation System)

ISO 27001 Toolkit

ISO 27001 Toolkit (Implementation System)

All of SecuraStar’s engagements are customized implementations of ISO 27001 information security management system (ISMS) because no two organizations are alike in how their business operates or what information it collects, stores, accesses and distributes. Our goal is to become a trusted partner with our clients by getting to know your organization and then implement a ISMS that is best suited for your business!

There are three ways Securastar implements an ISMS:

Custom – ISMS Design
A fully customized ISMS desgined from scratch. This is often used for large companies that need a custom ISMS based on a specific need, special situation or compliance requirement (legal/regulatory or contractual), etc. ISO 27001 Software is optional.

Integrated – ISMS Design
Integration of an existing information security program and infrastructure along with SecuraStar’s ISO 27001 Toolkit and/or ISO 27001 Software as needed. This is the most common scenario typically used for most medium to large companies.

Standard – ISMS Design
Full implementation of SecuraStar’s ISO 27001 Toolkit and/or ISO 27001 Software. Typically for small and medium size companies that have little to nothing in place for information security.

SecuraStar’s ISO 27001 Implementation System is a proven ISO 27001 implementation system that is documented certifiable solution. Our system was designed to be SIMPLE to understand, implement, manage and certify. SecuraStar’s ISO 27001 system integration can significantly reduce your organization’s cost, effort and time frame to conform or certify to ISO 27001.

The SecuraStar Implementation System consists of Microsoft Office 2010 files, which are all copyrighted by SecuraStar, LLC. All content is the sole intellectual property of SecuraStar, LLC. A signed licensing agreement is required. The documents provided in this implementation system should be considered templates provided as a starting point / working basis for further customization and development with the help of SecuraStar’s consultants. This implementation system addresses ISO 27001: 2013.

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