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ISO 27001 Training

ISO 27000 Series Training

ISO 27001 Training

SecuraStar is a niche ISO 27001 training and consulting company that provides a full ISO 27001 solution including PECB accredited training, implementation consulting, audits and a niche software product.

SecuraStar teaches PECB accredited training classes including (but not limited to):

SecuraStar teaches PECB accredited training classes including (but not limited to):


PECB has approximately 14 accredited classes in the ISO 27000 Series alone and over 50 total accredited ISO training classes making them the largest in the world as far as number of classes, giving you unlimited expansion. This includes classes in ISO 22301 – Business Continuity, and ISO 20000 – IT Service Management, which are sister standards to ISO 27001. PECB also offers you an accredited Master’s Degree when you complete enough classes as well as a Master of Various ISO Standards. Several consultants who work for us have the Master of ISO 27001 designation which means they have the training and experience to qualify for a higher certificate. Those two Master’s Degrees are pretty special options with PECB!

You can also work towards becoming a trainer yourself in software security. There are many of options here and a lot of new ISO classes offered every quarter (aggressively expanding educational classes). Start with 5 Day – Lead Implementer or Lead Auditor as those are the most popular and recognized. If you’re working in Risk Management, I would say that the specialty classes of 27002 Control Manager and ISO 27005 are excellent specialty courses and may provide more value to your organization and career. If you’re not going to be an auditor, skip the ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and take the other classes. Unless you are an auditor, it is of little value.

What cost am I looking at for both certification and training?

The cost for the ISO 27001 training is typically based on:

  • Number of days
  • Onsite vs. Offsite
  • Printed material vs. online studying material
  • Location of onsite training (New York City vs smaller town)
  • National Currency (USD vs other currencies)
  • The Cost of Certification / Accreditation varies by National Currency (This should be relatively inexpensive per year.)


What delivery method is the best, in class or online and what are the benefits?

There is no question that onsite is the best because it offers collaboration, group exercises, and more. However, the cost is higher for those classes. Other considerations are the ability to study online which may not work for everyone.

What are the benefits of certification as an individual?


  • Added value to your organization through training
  • Meets the training & awareness requirements of ISO 27001 Clause 7 – Support
  • Added value to your resume, showing education and experience
  • Unlimited career opportunities and higher pay
  • Become a Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor or Certification Auditor
  • Move towards a Master’s degree

Interested in ISO 27001 Training?

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